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Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Support

Paramount Networking Ltd has many years experience of supporting and designing Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia) based networks.

Our main designer has worked directly for Alcatel-Lucent, achieved the highest SRA accreditation and was even asked to review their SRA (CCIE SP equivalent) training guide (see image).  We can offer training, technical support, design services, documentation and even can troubleshoot those long term ongoing issues.

If more than a single consultant is required, we can reach out to the right resource for your need, ie if you need a single onsite resource for a month, or a team of remote engineers for a year, we have many contacts and relationships with other parties and companies.  Contact us and see what we can do for you business.

Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Network Training

Vendor training can be expensive and generally will be per catalogue only except for very large customers.

Paramount Networking training services, can offer you a bespoke course, specific to your needs.  Why learn RSVP based MPLS when your entire network is using LDP?  Only train on what you need to know.

We can offer on site or remote training.  We can focus on troubleshooting techniques, general equipment training, even installation training.  Imagine your entire NOC team being trained on only the things that counted.  We can create and deliver in short time frames a bespoke training course to suit your needs.

Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Network Design Services

We have many years experience of designing networks, both for enterprises and for large corporates and ISPs.  

After relevant discussions and the production and agreement of a scope of works, Paramount Networking consultancy will offer you a range of documentation including but not limited to:

  • High Level Design
  • Low Level Design
  • Naming Conventions
  • Test Plan
  • Upgrade Plans
  • Migration Plans



Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Network Technical Support

We can offer technical support for your Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia network.  We can offer troubleshooting to the highest level for all manner of faults.  We can access your network remotely and troubleshoot any ongoing issues.

We can also offer ongoing maintenance services, ie regular audits of configurations, policies etc.  

Come to us for any network upgrades.  We can offer remote upgrades and can offer an on site support as required.

Contact us and see what we can offer you.

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