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Get the network engineering training you and your business need.  Paramount networking ltd can provide tailored bespoke training at a place and a time convenient to you and your business.



Get suitable network training for your staff at a time and location suitable to you.  We can offer out of hours NOC training or NMC training, why not train your NOC/NMC during the quieter night shift?  

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Technology training

Need your network engineering and NOC/NMC staff to understand MPLS/QoS/BGP/IP/Ethernet etc etc?  Get in touch.  We can provide expert level network training on almost any networking area.  We understand that MPLS is MPLS no matter if deployed on Cisco or Nokia, we can impart this technology knowledge to your staff.  

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Looking to get your engineers trained up on a specific networking vendor?  Maybe Nokia training, Cisco training, Juniper training etc?  Contact us to find out how we can provide basic/intermediate/advanced training on any aspect of networking vendors.  Maybe your company is about to take on a Nokia or Juniper network and need your staff to be trained up ready.  

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St Clears, West Wales

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