Network Configuration Services

Are you considering migrating from one vendor to another?  Are you looking collate all of your network configurations into a single source of truth – whether it be a database/spreadsheeet?  Looking to rollout a mass configuration change and uncertain where to start with configs?

We at Paramount Networking Ltd can help with any of these aspects using various tools, custom parsers and custom scripts.  Contact us below to discuss your requirements.  

Some examples of what we can do are shown below – but we can be as flexible as needed to work with ANY configurations.

Configuration Translation

We can translate configuration to an agreed equivalent between vendors. Ie translate Nokia to Cisco IOS-XR, Juniper to Nokia, Juniper to Cisco IOS-XE etc etc.
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Configuration Analysis

We can take configuration files and extract into any data format, any configuration aspects. Ie a database/spreadhsheet with all VRFs, all L3 interfaces, all MPLS interfaces etc etc. This can then become the single source of truth for your network. We can also use this analysis to look at scalability,
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Configuration Generation

Relying on manual config creation or Excel sheets? Reach out to us and we can quickly create scripting tools with a font end UI to create configs from any source of base info. Or we can simply create the configurations for you.

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