Outstanding Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Support

Paramount Networking Ltd has a vast wealth of experience of supporting and designing Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia) based networks.

Our lead design consultant started his career 20 years ago with Alcatel and has worked directly for Alcatel-Lucent and their products for many years whether it is with Alcatel-Lucent themselves or via other large network providers.  

During this time he has achieved the highest SRA accreditation and was even asked to review their SRA (CCIE SP equivalent) training guide (see image)- an incredible honour!  

With this wealth of knowledge behind us we offer a vast array of technical training, including technical support, design services and documentation, etc.  

Let’s not forget troubleshooting: we  are almost obsessive when it comes to troubleshooting your long-term ongoing issues!

If more than a single consultant is required, we can reach out to the right resource for your needs, just let us know.  

Contact us and see what Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia support we can provide for your business.

Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Support - Network Training

Nokia Support

As part of our Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia Support package we offer vendor training.  We understand that normally training can be expensive and generally will be aimed at larger companies.  Here, at Paramount Networking we provide bespoke training for SMEs as well as for large service providers.

Our training courses are devised specifically to your needs and requirements, focusing on what is important for you and your network.  Why learn RSVP based MPLS when your entire network is using LDP?  

Training can be carried out on site or remotely, whichever you, as our client, would prefer.  To give you an idea our training includes (though this list is not exclusive):

  • General equipment training
  • QoS training
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Multicast training
  •  Design best practices training

 We can create and deliver, in a short time frame, tailored, engaging training courses to suit your needs.

Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Support - Network Design Services

We have many years experience and expertise in designing networks, both for SMEs  and for large corporations and ISPs.  

After initial meetings with ourselves to discuss the design essentials, we agree a scope of works together.  Paramount Networking will then offer you a range of documentation including but not limited to:

  • High Level Design
  • Low Level Design
  • Naming Conventions
  • Test Plan
  • Upgrade Plans
  • Migration Plans
Alcatel-Lucent Nokia Support

Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Support - Network Technical Support

Alcatel-Lucent Nokia Support

We offer technical support for your Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia network.  We provide troubleshooting to the highest level for a vast array of faults.  Paramount Networking can access your network remotely and troubleshoot any ongoing issues.  

Ongoing maintenance services such as regular audits of configurations, policies, etc can be passed onto us, we’ll do them for you.  Not to mention any network upgrades, which we can do remotely or provide support as and when required to an onsite resource.

Get in touch with us below, to discuss what you are looking for and see what solutions and support we could provide.

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Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia Support - Automation

We at Paramount Networking Ltd are passionate about network automation, and with our expertise on Nokia Service Router ranges, it makes sense to combine the two together.

We write custom automated scripts for you to audit your network, check for PCHIP errors, maybe even replace some of your 5620 SAM/NFM-P functionality that your replacement SNMP workstation is unable to do. 

Imagine being able to press a button and within moments get a snap shot of your software levels, card temperatures, port light levels etc.  We at Paramount Networking Ltd can create this for you as part of our Nokia Support package.

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Nokia Support Automation

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